Following my diagnosis of lymphoma in July 2012, my husband and I decided to use colonic irrigation therapy as part of a detox program to clean up my immune system.

We thought colonics would be a very effective way to clean out the gut, and in time enable my clogged lymphatic system to be cleansed. Then I could replenish my body with good nutrition – raw foods, fresh vegetables, daily juicing of beetroot, carrot and celery drinks, a little meat, but leaving out breads, sugar and dairy products.

We read plenty of articles and books that said cancer is a symptom of a toxic system. This made sense to us considering my health history of chronic fatigue, gluten intolerance, Epstein Barr virus and no energy. Cancer was not a family trait, and made no sense unless it came from a run-down immune system and poor diet.

We Googled colonics and found Terry and Val’s website. We printed out the page, saw their photo and called them. My first visit to Lockyer Valley Colonics was on 16 August, 2012, three days after I had a neck lymph node surgically removed for biopsy, 4 weeks after the initial ‘suspicious for lymphoma’ diagnosis, and 6 months since the lump had appeared. When I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by Terry at the top of the stairs.

We chatted for a few minutes, then Terry asked me several questions to assess my situation. The clinic was clean, private, well-presented a freshly-ironed robe was waiting for me. Terry performed the treatment.
I went to Lockyer Valley Colonics regularly, starting with twice-weekly visits, then weekly, and now monthly. Within 6 months, my blood tests for the cancer indicator were back in the normal range. Hair analysis results were remarkable – I had gone from a 10% absorbency level for vitamins and minerals to 80%. There was no need for chemotherapy or radiation and no need for another hospital visit. Blood testing is now every 6 months.

Terry and Val are valued natural health advisers and good friends. We are truly thankful to have found them, and highly recommend Lockyer Valley Colonics to anyone needing to cleanse their body and fight illnesses.

Kerry Battersby, Laidley Heights 27 September 2013

Your colonics have certainly given me a new outlook on what is going into my system! Although I am a fitness and health professional I really had no idea about the benefits of your style of colonics that has now given me a new lease on life. I have lost 5kilos over the past few months and feel so much more invigorated.

In my 20s I represented Australia in America and became a International Women’s Powerlifting champion. Throughout my marriage my husband and I continued studying health. There are so many natural health therapy books that have pointed us in the right direction regarding improvement of health and longevity. Books such as Liver Cleansing by various Doctors, the Gerson therapy using home enemas and information regarding mucusless diets. We both know the importance of eating 80% raw 20% cooked foods, but colonics was certainly the missing link of proper internal cleansing. Now I personally understand that Colon Hydrotherapy assists and supports the treatment of many health conditions and has restored by energy levels tremendously.

Thank you also for guiding us to see our Dental surgeon so as to remove the mercury fillings from my mouth. Our Dentist agrees that fillings are another form of toxin that can harm our bodies and mind. Apparently the use of this style of colonics was used often in Egyptian times, so I know that it is safe and has worked well in the past.

Although I teach others to keep well, there is so much more to the truth of sharing knowledge regarding cleansing of the bowel to deter serious disease and with your permission I would like to promote your clinic to my clients.

It is wonderful to have a service that is beneficial for all to use without any fear of judgement or embarrassment.Your kind words and patience is remarkable.

May God Bless you and your lovely family. Keep up the good work!!

Regards Pauline & Peter Metzroth

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