What is the best way to get rid of toxic chemicals including pesticides, heavy metals and hydrocarbon residues? The downside of conventional sauna is that some people cannot tolerate high heat, especially heart patients and those whose nervous systems have been damaged from toxic exposure. The dilemma here is that those patients most in need of the sauna due to heavy toxic accumulation are apt to be the least able to tolerate the heat produced by ordinary saunas.

There is fortunately, a Solution: the FAR INFRARED SAUNA.

In recent years infrared saunas have been sidely used for their superior therapeutic objects directly without heating the air in between. In the infrared sauna, only 20% of the infrared energy heats the air; the other 80% is directly converted to heat within the body.

The result is that the body perspires more quickly at lower temperatures than in a conventional sauna. The heat also penetrates more deeply, although without the discomfort and draining effect often experienced in a conventionally heated sauna.

An infrared sauna produces two to three times more sweat volume and because of the lower temperatures used, as opposed to a conventional sauna, it is considered safer for those at cardiovascular risk. People suffering from sports injuries, arthritis, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, as well as other painful conditions, have successfully used infrared saunas. These saunas accelerate the removal of toxic metals and environmental chemicals, which are stored in the fatty tissues of the body and are not easily dislodged.

The heat produced in infrared saunas is extremely beneficial for those suffering from skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and cellulite. The sweating caused by deep heap helps eliminate dead skin cells and improves skin tone and elasticity.

Weight loss is facilitated through use of an infrared sauna – probably due to the increase in growth hormone that it produces. It has been calculated that one can burn 600 calories in 30 minutes in an infrared sauna.

Health benefits can certainly be obtained in a conventional sauna as well, but the infrared sauna has a greater range of therapeutic efficiency, especially for detoxification. The infrared sauna actually has an energizing effect on users, making them feel good as toxins are eliminated.


How can we bring ageing and illness to a screeching halt? Better yet, how can we turn back the hands of time? By eliminating those nasty disease causing chemicals out of the body. Sweating out the poisons is the answer, but not any old sauna or sweating program will do, in fact some are dangerous. It is the chemical load that is stored beneath the skin that is the main area activitated by the Far Infrared Sauna. The body gets rid of stored chemicals in stool, urine or sweat. The sweat route requires no drugs and is the most efficient and natural.

FAR INFRARED SAUNA – the only Sauna proven safe for elderly, severe, end-stage heart patients. Many people who are sick, like heart patients, would never tolerate the extreme temperatures of regular saunas. In fact, it would make them worse, raising blood pressure and heart rate, while triggering arrhythmia and shortness of breath. Clearly, heat is contraindicated. During the sauna no patient had dyspnea (shortness of breath) angina (chest pain) or arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), nor complained of excess heat. There were no side effects, something that never happens with drugs or surgery.


Far Infrared wavelengths have other beneficial properties:

. They lower lactic acid.
. Stimulate endorphins or happy formones of the brain.
. Kill organisms like bacteria and parasites.
. Penetrate tissues detox cells by vibrating ionic bonds
. Stop swelling, improve lymphatic flow.
. Improve blood circulation.
. Attract calcium to cell membranes needed for healing.
. Rheumatoid Arthritis.
. Relieve menopause symptoms.
. Restore skin tone.
. Clear acne.
. Aid eczema with infection.
. Improve short term memory.
. Improve body odour.
. Insomnia.
. Ear disease.
. Back Pain.
. Pelvic infection.
. Bells Palsy.
. Relieve pain, decrease healing time,scaring in burns.
. Low blood pressure.
. Diabetes.
. Varicose Veins.
. Stretch marks.
. Menstrual cramp.
. Radiation sickness.
. Eliminates duodenal ulcers.
. Reduce hemorrhoids.
. Cystitis – gone.
. Clears up asthma and bronchitis.
. Chrohn’s disease improved.
. Post surgical adhesions reduced.
. Leg ulcers healed.
. Keloids significantly softened.
. Tinitus cleared with 10 treatments.

…and a number of other health issues

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