Ear Candling has been used for centuries to remove wax build up, especially the heavy impacted wax that normal cleaning cannot remove. Egyptians utilised hollow reeds or rolled papyrus.

There has been increasing interest in the past decade by people looking for a more natural approach to look after their own body.

Candling uses a hollow candle, much like a large straw, made of cotton fabric and candle wax. It is a simple procedure, just lying on your side on a firm bed. We make sure you are comfortable as the process can take 15 to 20 minutes per candle. The candle then needs to fit snugly in your exposed ear to allow proper air draw, after it has been inserted through an aluminium foil plate to protect your face and hair. An operator will be with you to hold the candle in an upright position.

The top of the candle is then lit and as it burns a vacuum is created by the warmed air from the flame and the colder existing air moving through the hollow chamber. The movement and compression between your ear canal and the camdle chamber generate air flow with increasing velocity, thus producing the “sucking” vacuum, which sounds much like a seashell placed gently against your ear, or a crackling sound. We remove the candle when there is only about three inches remaining. It is then doused in a shallow bowl of water and the remaining candle can be peeled open to inspect the wax which has been drawn from your ear. The normal wax will be replaced within 24 hours.


Candling can be done on persons of any age, with accounts of children having remarkable results. As well as treating the ear, candling can work on the sinus and lymph system removing impurities there also. As the ear has so many intricate crevices, unbelievable amounts of debris can accumulate and cause problems. This lifetime accumulation may explain some of the earing problems we develop as we age.

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